Hyper Raje is an underground based recording studio nestled secretly in the artistic epicenter of San Francisco, California. Conviniently located within the city's restaurants, nightclubs, attractions, theatres, and art galleries. The studio was designed from the ground up with the help of Chips Davis and tuned by Bob Hodas. Our equipment purchases, recording philosophies, and studio designs are built for the specific purpose of making stellar recordings. We have toured the finest studios in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, New York, and Hawaii to create a vision of what would become Hyper Raje. The ideas have been implemented and the result is nothing short of amazing.

In many ways, Hyper Raje is a model for commitment to cutting-edge technology and combination of organic audio recording. Our innovative, creative, and progressive visions follow our mission to fully satisfy all of our clients needs. As a result you will find a staff eager and able to please. We support a team of the hottest producers and in-house musicians. Hyper Raje truly can meet  the needs of any project.

Hyper Raje also boasts an impressive array of state-of-the-art and vintage outboard equipment by Roland, Universal Audio, Waves, TC Helicon, TC Electronics, Alesis, and Line 6. Hyper Raje's microphone closet has some of the finest condenser and dynamic microphones from Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, BLUE, Shure, Cascade, and Yamaha. Hyper Raje has become a favorite tracking room among artists, bands, and producers mainly because of its astute collection of fine vintage gears.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Hyper Raje is the recording area. We have a gorgeous live room with a rich, reflective, and musical voice. The studio is built to perfection. With a tracking room that is as equally proficient at cutting loud drums and screaming guitars as it is at recording the subtleties of voices and strings. The studio can accommodate "live tracking" sessions too. The mixing room is fitted with ADAM Audio's top of the line S3A professional studio monitors and Yamaha HS50M studio reference monitors.

There are many recording studios out there. We believe that you will find Hyper Raje to be a truly unique and enjoyable recording experience. But do not take our word for it, ask some of our many clients!  So please call and set up a tour today and see why Hyper Raje is simply the best!

Thank you for visiting Hyper Raje and for making music part of your life...

Chris "HypE" Mayrena
Hyper Raje Records
965 Mission Street
Suite # B-53
San Francisco, CA 94103
Telephone: (415) 350-7402
E-Mail: hype@hyperrajerecords.com