Hyper Raje is now offering full services on digital multi track recording, mixing, and mastering. We also offer Music CDs and DVDs for replication and production. We have a full service experienced recording crew to give your music the edge you want to hear. We are available for tracking, mixing, overdubs, pre production, post production, and about any other audio and video needs you can think of. We can work for you any time you want. If your band wants to work nights, it's all good. We have the equipment and the skill to get your project, weather it is an album, demo, or single, done in a fast and professional manner.

Hyper Raje caters to your needs. From major recordings to independent projects, we offer our clients quality music production services at a very affordable price. We offer our clients an intimate recording environment while maintaining a professional level of technical excellence. We invite you to check us out and learn more about our music production services.

  4 song EP/demo package - $400
Ten hours of studio recording time and it breaks down like this: load in is free, six hours for tracking and four hours for mixing. The results are great. The quality is top notch! Get the final mix CD the same day (Mastering not included).

  Tracking & Mixing - $45 hr.
We offer the very latest and the most advance in recording technology with 48 tracks of pristine 24-bit digital recording, editing, effects, and the best analog outboard gears.

  Mastering - $50 per song / $350 per album
Get your music to industry standard volume levels! Enhance your music and prepare it for replication/duplication onto a CD. Mastering is an essential process in the production of any CD. It is the final step that can make your mixes sound bigger and better. This process involves level maximation, ensuring consistent "volume" levels from track to track, ensuring proper track transitions, possible noise reduction, removal of resonant frequencies, and improving stereo imaging.

  Transfers - $5 per song
Transfer your music from dat, mini disc, cassette or vinyl onto a CD. Includes basic editing: fade in & out, song spacing, and resequencing. (Restoration or noise-reduction is not included).

  Graphic Design (CD Package) - $900
You can have the best music in the world but, if your design is not professional and eye catching, odds are your CDs won't sell. You need a company that specializes in CD artwork and production to design your CD Package. Our professionally trained design staff can provide unique and creative designs at prices that are nearly 40% less than many of our competitors. Whether you have an idea of what you want or have no idea where to begin, let our friendly, knowledgeable and creative staff at Hyper Raje help.

For more information please contact: (415) 350-7402 | hype@hyperrajerecords.com